About Us

    Dan + Meg 
    Together since 2008
     Married since 2010

has lots of freckles.
craves adventures.
trail runner and yogi wannabe.
coffee lover.
is slowly writing a book.
enjoys taking pictures.
can't cook.
is an eternal optimist.
believes in waking up early.
heart is in the mountains.

can grow a mean beard.
is a perfectionist.
can fix ANYTHING.
is best at making people laugh.
wears a lot of black.
is a kid at heart.
 green tea drinker.
rock climber.
technology guru.
loves the high dive
and doing back flips on a wakeboard.

We currently reside in a busy college/mountain town in Utah
with our boys:
 Jace who is six,
 Beck who is three.
and our girl:
Rockie the cutest boston terrier.

CONTACT ME AT megcroft3@gmail.com